Wake up in the morning, after planning traveling in this little paradise for a couple of months. Lulworth Cove is a cove near the village of West Lulworth. In a Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

Yeah, yeah! You heard well, it’s Jurassic!
The cove is one of the most finest one of a kind in the world. It’s fab! The sea’s color is unique, mixed between blue,green and black. The hills and the view is breath taking for sure. You need to climb over the big hill to see the amazing view of the full Cove.

I’ve attached a couple of pictures from up up and down down. If you go there is better to stay a couple of days to chill and relax for sure. I  stayed 1 day, because of my work, but i will go back this year again for a full week of recovery and pure fresh air.

Also don’t forget to try the traditional fish and chips. Hope you enjoy the pics and want to go and explore this Jurassic Underworld.

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