Brasov is knew in the all world by the famous Transilvania Castle or Dracula’s Castle. Is a genuine tourist atraction.

The region has so much to offer. From the famous Castle to the most traditional food. Brasov is one of the most beautiful city’s in Romania. You can visit also Sighisoara, Sinaia or Cluj-Napoca. Visitors can explore unique architectural treasures. Such as castles, fortified churches and centuries-old houses. While exploring sites where more than 900 years ago Saxon craftsmen and merchants established powerful and rich citadels.

Beside the amazing views, you can visit in Bran( near Brasov), Dracula’s Castle. Dracula‘s Castle from all the stories, belong to Count Dracula. A vicious vampire who is still alive and wondering the Castle. But the true story is that, the Castle belong to Vlad Tepes. He was the Romanian leader and a very bad man with enemies. He would catch the prisoners and drag them into wooden spires.

You also can visit Brasov Fortress, The Black Church, Council Square. Please see the gallery that i posted for you to have a look how beautiful it is.

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