Brighton is a seaside resort in the south coast of England.

It is one of the most popular beach side. A popular destination for tourist. It is renowned for it’s diverse shopping areas, large cultural, music, etc. Brighton is called one of the most happiest city’s in UK. Also is called the ‘unofficial gay capital’. The pier is so beautiful , you can visit it day time or night.

You can find so many games and a little park. Important things to visit : Royal Pavilion, Pier, the Sea, Clock Tower, i360,  Cliff Beach, the boats on the beach, etc.

Each May the city hosts the Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe, the second largest arts festival in the UK (after Edinburgh). This includes processions such as the Children’s Parade. Brighton has about 400 restaurants in  the area. I went to the biggest American one that is just 3 minutes next to the beach.


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