Amsterdam is for a lot of people, the city where you go crazy. I can’t judge them, as it is. But, it is also the most urban village that i ever seen. Is a magnet to many and a must to plenty. Amsterdam’s cultural sector is also leading with design boutiques, interesting museums and inspiring productions. Is about how the people live ages ago, and they still do. You gone fall in love with the floating houses on the canals. They are today one of the most symbolic ways of Dutch living.

You may have seen them laying like a string of pearls in the water, wishing one of them was yours. The houseboat of Amsterdam is the most idyllic way of living. How closer can you get to Amsterdam, just by living in one of them? Today, a houseboat is no longer just a boat that you also can live in, it is a fully equipped house with the most beautiful water views and one of the highest price stags in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam also has the desires of all food lovers with a large range of restaurants, cafeterias and tasting rooms. Myself i love food. So i was expecting maybe a little bit more from this city. The food is not that wow. Is more like a fast food with rename. I mean, it was ok, but not something to be crazy about it.

You can visit the museums, the specialty shops ( coffee shops=where you buy marijuana and smoke legally), The famous cheese museums( a must, specially if you love cheese like i do), boat trips, biking, red district.

The red district, is amazing to visit, specially at night. Amsterdam is often called the erotic capitol of the world. I’m a big fan of crazy stuff so i visited. Is ok, if you aren’t a big fan of spectacular things. For example i was expecting girls dancing, going crazy, but it wasn’t like that. They looked tired and really bored( maybe i came in a wrong period of the year). But is a very good atmosphere to have a walk and enjoy the red lights.

What i was mad for, was the views and ships. The views are incredible, and the air is very fresh and clean. You need to cruise on a classic boat and view all the highlights. Amsterdam has to offer a lot by water. A cruise over the canals is one of the best ways to get a good impression of the old and new centre of Amsterdam.

I’m in love with cheese. So for the real cheese lovers among us, please visit the cheese museums. In a very personal and professional way you will join a cheese tasting in a tasting room located in a historic building. Try all the different flavours with a glass of port or a special cheese sorbet.

Much to say, little time. Hope you will hope on board and visit Amsterdam. Is a beautiful and cultural city. Full of history and experiences. Here a couple of photos from my trip. Enjoy.

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