Since i was little, i loved to write a lot. At school always i was the best in writing poems or long homework. I didin’t had the change to actualy do something about it, until a couple of weeks ago. My first small-fiction-novel was around 26 pages, and i published last year on Amazon Kindle and I wasn’t happy only with that one, and i started writing another one. My second novel was a succes. I spend like 3-4 months, writing it. It is about love, sacrifice and hope. I published with again, because is one of the best website’s that helps new young authors to publish their books. It’s on their website already, so if you want to buy it you can find it here:

You can find it : The game of love.

A little heads-up for my book, is that: is emotional, sincere, full of love and pride. ‘Cecilia falls in love with Darren. A single writer who lost his girlfriend in a tragic accident. He discover in Cecilia again the power of love. The only thing that he doesn’t know, is that she is married. He needs to discover the story of her life, and survive with it. There love needs to go to fire and flames, to see if is gone last. What do you thing? There love gone last until the end of times? Or is gone vanish?’

Read all about it in The game of love.


I’m very proud of my talent, even if is not yet in famous stores,but still is there. I’m working hard to make it real, in a couple of months to be worldwide in stores. Is very hard, because it takes a lot of time and money, as you know London is not that a cheap country. But fingers crossed and hope soon to be the next J.K of Harry Potter.

Until then, you can find it on the website, on discount. Grab it quick.

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