Beautiful day for a walk in the park. London has a lot of parks that are amazing. But myself, i’m in love with St Jame’s Park. Is in the middle of London, with green grass and birds flying above it.


St James’s Park is a 23-hectare park in the City of Westminster, central London. The park lies at the southernmost tip of the St James’s area, which was named after a leper hospital dedicated to St James the Less.  King James kept a collection of animals in the park. They included camels, crocodiles and an elephant. There were also aviaries of exotic birds along what is now Birdcage Walk. And next to St James’s Palace, King James created a flower garden. The garden is beautiful ( as you can see in photos). Is a special section with many species of roses from all over the world. Different colors and shapes.


The canal was transformed into a natural-looking lake and in 1837 the Ornithological Society of London presented some birds to the park and erected a cottage for a birdkeeper.


In St James Park you will find the London Zoo. Is a pretty nice one, and also has a lot of history. For example: it is the first zoo to introduce the reptile house( the one you see in many movies like Harry Potter), the first public aquarium, the first insect house( that is actually outside and you can go inside and butterflies and spider clime all over you), and the first children’s zoo.


From squirrel, monkeys to gorillas and macaques, the Zoo is for anyone and every age. I personal visited and is amazing. Also the polar bears and penguins are extremely cute.


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