I always wanted to win the lottery and go into the world and travel. But always came the ‘money’ problem. I need money for this, i need money to pay that, oh the rent is here! No more vacation in Paris or Rome this year, maybe next year. Since i’m in London, i been able to travel to some beautiful countries and learn something about their culture and visit their homelands. But i was looking at the rest of the world, not the people, just to be cleared, the World! Is so beautiful! So many amazing things to see, to go, to visit. Why shouldn’t we do that? If we always stay and count our money, where will they take us? I read a article once and it says like that:

‘You will never realize how you gone feel when you got old, looking behind you and see that the time run out and you didin’t do all of the things you said you will do. You gone wake up one day alone,old and without time. It feels like hell to realize that.’ Mircea Eliade (romanian poet)

So i was thinking to myself…is that how i want to feel when i’m old? To look behind and feel bad that i didin’t had the change to visit one country that i always wanted to? To feel bad about not hoping in the first train and take me somewhere? That i didin’t make photos of myself and some sea or mountain?

I think i don’t want to become that person. So i will try to do something about that. I will try to feel my soul with happiness and joy, because at the end, we are alone in this world, so let’s make the best of it!

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