Hi guys,

I just went 2 weeks ago to the British Museum and i want to recommend you go and visit it!

Go beyond and behind the walls of the British Museum of London. Get a view into the art, mummies and more that’s a part of out History Museum. What you can visit there, guys, is a lot of parts of the world, like:an introduction to the Parthenon and its sculptures, a building from Athens’ golden age, the sculptures in ancient times, Egyptian art, a journey through China and South Asia, Mummies and log houses of the dead: Scythian life and death, Maya heritage: 150 years of preservation, the Iraq Emergency Heritage Management, India and the world, ancient tattoos: getting under the skin of the Scythians, living with gods: highlight objects, ancient wisdom: what tooth decay can tell us about the past…and many more.

I can tell you that you will be very impressed by the mummies, they are real and almost ready to get up and get you. I will leave with some creepy photos down on the page. Just scroll down and have fun!

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