Today i’m writing about one the most amazing nights in my life. So last Sunday, i went to KYGO’S concert and tour. It was freaking amazing!!!

I must admit that i knew the guy and all of his songs, but i never imagine that he will rock London in two! It was a proper show. His tour is called ‘KIDS IN LOVE’ and is the new album released just a couple of months ago. I’m glad that i was there and enjoyed a night that i will remember for sure. I’m sure you all know his tracks, but trust me you need to go to his tour, beside the music, is a show, that you will thank me for it.

There was one point during the show when everybody screamed and singed even louder that they had been before that track to start, and jumping so hard, that the O2 Arena was like a earthquake. Every song that he performed was absolutely incredibly, i would arguably say that it sounded better live than in his studio.

The show lasted about 3 hours, with another Dj performing before him. He close the show with everybody dancing and singing ( screaming) from their lungs. The experience was WOW and i will do it again for sure.

I hope you enjoy reading my post and this will make you to attend more concerts in the future, because is an experience that you will take it with you for the rest of your life.

Also, have you attend any concerts in London, yet? If yes, let me know by leaving me a message or a comment below.

Lots of love Xx,











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