How to apply for tourist USA visa 2018

Applying for a visa to a foreign country can be a difficult task. It’s enough to make some of us not want to travel or look at destinations that offer visas on arrival! The United States of America (USA) has a very strict visa application process. It involves many steps but the good news is that it’s not impossible to do if you follow the instructions carefully. I hope to simplify the process for you so here’s your Tourist USA visa guide:

1. Please double check your passport before you do anything. If your passport is valid more then 6 months then is op to apply, if not, please renew your passport before applying.
2. First of all you need to go online and complete the DS-160 FORM. Be very careful when you complete the application because is a lot of important information that you can’t have it wrong!!!
3. Second is to pay the fee. I live in London so the fee was around £118.00. (i don’t remember quite how much is equal in dollars).
4. Scheedule a interview. They will give you want days on what months they have availability. Mine was extremely quick, like in 2 weeks.

After all of this, you need to present yourself at the interview. Don’t worry about dressing super smart, like a suit and tie or black dress. I was dressed in a smart shirt, dark jeans, smart shoes and a normal jacket. The hair was tight and my makeup very soft. You need to have a folder with all your documents and paper work. Now here comes the tricky question, what documents they ask for?

Well, in my opinion is always better to be prepared, and bring everything that you have. But the required documents they ask for is: Passport, the DS-160 FORM, the payment receipt, a picture(like the one you upload it or like the one you have in the passport), Bank statements, Payslips(proof that you have income), Work contract, Letter from you employer, Documents that your a student(available only if you study). Now, i read before i went a lot of article’s on their website that you need to have some values on your own name, to show them that you have something to come back at. You don’t want to tell them your  running away in USA. I had my document from Romania, that i translated in english. I proved them that i have my University here in London and my house back in my country to go back to. When you arrive at the embassy the first thing is that you pass security check( like the airport),after you’ll be fingerprinted and your photo will be taken.

After they will give you a number and you wait for the interview. Now, my interview went really smooth and i consider myself to be the luckiest girl that walked the planet Earth. As i was waiting for my turn, i was looking at the others how some of them were rejected and not getting the visa and i was thinking what did they do wrong?!

The questions that i was asked were mixed. I was asked where i traveled before, what did i visit there, if i have any siblings, what my mother and father doing in Romania, who is gone support my expenses, what do i want to do after i finish my University. And then i heard the magic words: Congratulation, your visa has been approved! In that moment i was thinking how to not have a stroke in front of the consular, so i tell her very polite thank you and i ran outside. 🙂

That was the most happiest day in my life. I couldn’t believe that i got it! I was so stressed and nervous before doing a lot of researching and reading that a lot of people didin’t take it. But i think is about being very onest when you answer the questions, no funny tricks and just be yourself. I know the emotions are very high, but if you manage to get through them, then you are on the good path.

I’m planning of visiting New York the first time this year, so i will keep you posted with my travelling scheedule. Until then, please feel free to ask me any questions below or on my email.

I wish all good luck 🙂



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