Some beaches are for summer & others are not. That’s what some people say. Well, my opinion is different: you don’t need 40 degrees to enjoy the salt in the sand or the windy waves. If you love the sea the sea will love you back anytime of the year. The feelings and points that the sea give us are all 100% valid. I’m not going to tell you I needed a break, or time away. I’m not going to tell you that I went ‘unplugged’ for my mental health because that wouldn’t be true. I come to visit the sea when and as I feel, and for a while… i just wasn’t here. I will blame the time that hold me back. But I assure you, I’ve been happy, really happy when i arrived and saw the sea and the beautiful sky.

Brighton is really beautiful, every time i walked on the pier i imagine myself like in the 70’s when handsome gentleman’s would walk with their date and stop for a ice cream and enjoy the view. The carnival or circus that were in town just for the weekend, the seagulls and seals, the unbelievable sunsets…

A nature loving sea creature like me (sometimes i think in my past i was a mermaid) doesn’t belong in a place of high-rises and concrete surely? But I’m taking this as an opportunity to push myself beyond my comfort zone, to not rely on a place to make me happy but instead to be able to find joy and happiness in any surrounding. I hope you stop for a second and go and visit Brighton, i promise you it will give you a 100% battery charge. And from some time to time we all need that, no?

Travel: You can get to Brighton from London with train or bus. I went with train and is around 1 hour with Gatwick Express

Spendings: The train ticket is around £28 if you get it in the same day, if not is much cheaper. The food is the same like in London, maybe a bit expensive in some posh restaurants or terraces. The Brighton Pier is amazing and you can go in different fun attractions. You can change your cash money in coins and you can play to win super prizes.

Fun: A lot of fun!!!


Hope you enjoy my post.

Lots of love,


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