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Hello beautiful people!

Like I promised you a couple of weeks ago, I’m cooking you a surprise. What surprise? The interview with Mercy Mode Band is out!!!
So make yourself a cup of hot coco with marshmallows, sit tight and enjoy!

Here are the questions you guys asked the guys and their answers:

1. Andreea: When and why did you guys start to play?
Chase: I’ve played music since I was 16. Why? Because I love music and was inspired to create it as well!
Micah: Started playing drums at 10 years old

2. Andreea: Who are your fav musician/s?
Chase: Tool, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Dredg, Live, The Midnight, The 1975, 30 Seconds to Mars (pre-pop transition)
Micah: Incubus, Miles Davis, Sam Cooke, The 1975

3. Andreea: Do you get nervous before you go on stage?
Chase: I’d say it’s more excited than nervous.
Micah: oh yeah

4. Andreea: What advice would you give to the beginners that want to start their carries in music?
Chase: Make sure you love it because it’s one of the hardest industries to actually make a living.
Micah: I couldn’t agree more

5. Andreea: The Europe tour was amazing, saw you in London and I had one of the best nights in my life! When do you think you are gone do another tour?

The band: Right now we’re working on transitioning from a 3 person band to a 2 person band and with that comes adjustments musically on how we will perform our songs, what musicians we hire for shows, etc. It also affects are future writing, so right now we are focusing on finding our place with that.

6. Andreea: Are you into football? If so, who do you support?
Chase: Should I assume you mean European football so soccer? I don’t follow sports professionally, but I love playing them. If I had to choose a soccer team I’d probably just go with Manchester United.
Micah: I don’t really know much about “soccer” to be honest. American football is my jam. I’m a Carolina Panthers fan.

7. Andreea: Where was your favourite place to tour?
Chase: Rome, Brazil, Dusseldorf, Paris, London
Micah: Paris, Atlanta, London

8. Andreea: What is your fav motto you live by?
Chase: A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins.
Micah: I’m the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

9. Andreea: If there would be one thing that you want to do in this world what would it be?
Chase: Write a check to my mom and dad for w/e sum of money they’d need to comfortable retire the rest of their lives.
Micah: Have an impact globally from a humanitarian standpoint.

10. Andreea: Any future projects?
Chase: Lots of stuff coming soon, but can’t talk about it now. 😉
Micah: Right on…

11. Andreea: Finally, I want to take you guys for your time and do you want to say something for your fans around the world?

Chase and Micah: Thank you so much for all of your support and love! It means the world!!

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