KAIAMO is located in Bucharest on Ermil Pangratti Street, next to the Romanian Television Headquarters and near Aviatorilor Underground Station at Charles De Gaulle Square. Also, Romania’s largest park, Herãstrãu, is located just 1 minute from the restaurant. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Michael_I_Park

KAIAMO is something unique in Bucharest, something that you don’t see everyday. Our traditional food taken to whole new levels. New levels that go up to Michelin Restaurants. The story of KAIAMO is full of surprises, from traditional Romanian and Dacic history to London’s air. They mixed everything so good that you taste the traditional food but you feel like you dine in a cosy place near St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The staff do a fine line in smiling and provide a good service, while the luxury/wooden/modern/old style decor (black and white, lots of wood, high-ceilinged room, carved into two intimate areas, the lounge and the main restaurant) and elegant soul give it a relaxed, café-restaurant like feel. If you’re into amazing dishes or photographing your food, KAIAMO might just make your dreams come true. The only thing that was missing that night was a jazz band to take you away for sure.

You have below some pictures with the description of the dishes.


Enjoy guys x

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