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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, to give you my opinion about some of the products I’m using for my body rituals every day and night. So, let’s start with a brand that I adore and love. The Body Shop is a British cosmetics company for skin care and perfume that was founded in 1976. All of the products are Cruelty-Free and Vegan, made From Organic Almond Milk.The Body Shop strives to be as ethical as possible, the business is 100 percent vegetarian and cruelty-free, and also offers a number of vegan products. You can find the link here:

For the face: I love the products and the smells are amazing. I was amazed to see that some of the products really work for me. My skin in the winter is very Oily, so I need to find some products that can really help me. I use a lot of creams for my face, from expensive brands, but the ones with Tea Tree Oil knock me out.

For the body: These are, in my personal opinion, the most famous product the Body Shop have produced. Body butters are one of my absolute must have!!! I’m in love with the Coconut, Banana, and Strawberry.

For the wash: I use the Banana, Strawberry, Cammomile and Moringa shower gels. They are soft and they smell delicious even after 2-3 hours after the shower.

I’m very happy to share this with you, as I know a lot of girls are looking for the BEST products. But what can I say is that, the brand or the price doesn’t matter at all, is the quality of the product that you need to try.

Hope this helps x

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