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I have been getting several messages about my makeup and my skin care routine. Since I’ve been getting those, I’ve started to post more information about the products that I use. In the lasts few posts, I wrote about the products that I use for maintaining my skin healthy and luminous.

About my makeup products and techniques, I will write next week a post regarding them. First, I will tell you about the 2 Hacks that I use every day for my skin.




Every time I put makeup/or not on my face, I use a cream, elixir or sunscreen (summer). I don’t want to dry out my skin and keep my pores from “breathing”. The most important part of my beauty routine starts with moisturizer. I want to make sure that my face is moisturized before I ever start putting makeup on. I’ve linked my favorites creams/elixirs below. Side Note- I can’t stop using this 24 Carat Gold Elixir! It is so good!  https://www.sephora.fr/p/rose-gold-elixir—huile-de-beaute-visage-P3100066.html


Make washing your face a priority every evening, even if you’re traveling, coming home late from work or partying hard all night.

  1. Use warm or cold water. NEVER HOT WATER!
  2. Use a brush
  3. Use pads
  4. Rinse
  5. Repeat
  6. Dry your face
  7. Use a lotion

Unfortunately, despite its benefits, many of us live such busy lives that we often neglect to wash our faces at the end of the day. If we don’t care for our skin properly while we’re young and our face is regenerating, we’ll regret it later. How can we wash our face properly when we don’t have the time or the money to buy a bunch of expensive skincare products? You don’t need MONEY OR EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS  to take care of your skin! You just need a bit of your time!


Hope this helps and I’ll see you soon



Andreea x




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