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Like a promise a couple of weeks ago, I have made a new Interview with some of the guys from UK’s Most Famous Male Strip Show…and that is Dreamboys!

Yes, yes, start screaming cause here it is! Besides the strip,(which drives everybody crazy, of course), the boys have an amazing choreography and incredible dancers. All of the shows are made in a way that you cannot get bored and always be prepared for something new.  The boys are very talented and very professional, always trying to please the hungry crowd and give their best on stage.

In my personal opinion, is the best male striptease that I ever saw, so I recommend you to book your tickets if you haven’t seen the boys yet, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.  

You have the link below, to buy tickets for their 2019 Tour:



I had the pleasure of talking with some of the boys and ask them a few questions. Let’s see what they answered. 🙂



Interview with Kane Silver, Shane Tyler, and Kyle Anthony:


Andreea: Let’s start with your date of birth and zodiac sign
Kane: 27/05/1990 – Gemini
Shane: 10/01/1988 – Capricorn
Kyle: 04/01/1990 – Capricorn

Andreea: What’s the reason you start dancing and why?
Kane: When I was around 14 years old. Because I used to dress up as JT and pretend to be him in the “Like I love you”
Shane: I had a tiny bit of experience before joining the Dreamboys but that was my first time ever really dancing.
Kyle: I started when I was 14, after watching Kane doing a school talent show. Afterward, I convinced him to start back dancing and it all went from there.

Andreea: Do you play any instruments?
Kane & Shane: try to play guitar but can’t really.
Kyle: I am not very good at it, but I enjoy playing my guitar.

Andreea: What was the first dance move(s) you’ve learned?
Kane: prob some shitty bum spin or a six-step.
Shane: I have no idea
Kyle: I learned body popping/waving/ and a little bit of breakdance.

Andreea: What are the five things you can’t live without?
Kane: Peanut butter, Dark Chocolate, Diet Coke, Exercise and cuddles with my lady.
Shane: Pink Gin, Haribo, Football, the gym, music
Kyle: 5 things I can’t live without would be. My family, my friends, my dog, the gym, chocolate!

Andreea: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?
Kane: Say what you mean and mean what you say
Shane: do what makes you happy
Kyle: To always trust your instincts. Your mind/body is telling you to do things for a reason. Trust in yourself. Every decision you make is the right one. It’s sculpting you to be the person you are meant to be

Andreea: Which famous musicians/dancers do you admire? Why?
Kane & Shane:  Huge JT fan because he is just an all-around entertainer and a true gent.
Kyle: In this day and age. Many people won’t agree. But I will always be a massive fan of the music Michael Jackson created, and the danceability he had.

Andreea: Ten years from now you will be….
Kane: id love to make a living from my podcast “The Ins And Outs’ or have my own radio show or be a presenter.
Shane: Prob a mortgage broker
Kyle: I will still be living my best life, taking each day as it comes. And striving to be the best version of myself.

Andreea: If I was to turn on your iPod right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list? Kane & Shane: between us, we have JT, Craig David, B2K, Eminem, 50 cent
Kyle: Bon Jovi, Eminem, Tokio Myers, 50cent, Bruno Mars.

Andreea: Do you ever get nervous?
Kane: Not very often, but now I get more nervous meeting people than performing.
Shane: I used to, but I am getting used to performing now.
Kyle: I always get nervous before every show. I let myself, as I believe this makes for a better performer. It keeps me on my toes. (No pun intended)

Andreea: What is your favorite color of socks to wear?
Kane & Shane: BLACK
Kyle: I 99% of the time will wear white socks.

Andreea: What’s your favorite place to eat?
Kane & Shane: any good breakfast place, Nandos or pizza express.
Kyle: I actually prefer to cook for myself.  If I have to eat out, probably a Byron burger!

Andreea: Do you like dogs or cats?
Kane & Shane: BOTH
Kyle: I like both. I am a massive animal lover, and I have my own dog. Joey (IG – @joeydavies04) and I love him to bits. He’s my pal!

Andreea: What’s your bad quality?
Kane: I would say I don’t double check anything and I suck at making plans.
Shane: Overthinking!
Kyle: The bad quality I’d say is I’m not hugely trusting in people.

Andreea: What is the weirdest thing you ever did?
Kane: join the dream boys
Shane: I used to be a fully nude stripper!
Kyle: It’s not really weird, it was a really great experience. I hiked the Great Wall Of China, twice. It was the most incredible structure. I was completely mind-blowing, and the view was second to none.

Andreea: If you could be a billionaire for a day, what would you do?
Shane & Kane: Both said we would help out our friends and family with some cash and fly abroad somewhere.
Kyle: I would get my self on the property ladder, clear all the debts of my family and friends, then buy myself a long holiday and pay everything upfront so I didn’t have to do a single thing whilst away!

Andreea: What’s your reaction on stage?
Kane & Shane: We both agree that our goal is for us to have fun with each other when the audience can see we are having fun. They normally do too!
Kyle: Being on stage is very second nature to me now, It is where I feel comfortable. I worked very hard through my years of training to get to where I am, so now I just enjoy every moment of it.

Andreea: What was the craziest proposal you received from a woman?
Kane & Shane: Normally ask us to marry them or some weird sexual crap.
Kyle: I haven’t yet received any crazy proposals. I think I have too much of a friendly face, people see me as the nice polite one, which I guess I am.

Andreea: What was your scariest night stripping, and why?
Kane: It was my first show with the Dreamboys. I learned the show in 2 days with just the choreographer, and it was my first time dancing with everyone so I was a bit lost.
Shane: My first time getting my penis out infant of a room full of women…surely it doesn’t get scarier than that.
Kyle: The scariest night was my first night of the tour, cause I never stripped and never had to be so conscious of my body on stage before.

Andreea: What main skill or attribute do you need to be a male stripper?
Kyle: A massive dick and a great body. Haha, personally I just bring my own personality and my dance abilities.

Andreea: What is your favorite DREAMGIRL? (aspects and hearts)
Shane: JENNA DEWAN (for those who don’t know, is Channing Tatum’s ex-wife)
Kane: I have found mine!
Kyle: I don’t have a dream girl, and I don’t have a type or specific things that I look for. Everyone’s different in their own way, people have different beauties, I just look for connection and physical/mental attraction.


Well, this is my interview with these three hotties! I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more amazing and exciting interviews!






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