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I’m back and I have a new brand interview with an amazing cool band.


A Story To Tell is a Rock/Pop/Punk band from Peterborough founded in 2008. They’re making some pretty awesome music and some of their songs are going internationally. Not only do their songs make you feel a dark, romantic moodiness, but when they start that fire and decided to jam instead, the music flows as naturally as breathing. The ability of this band to connect to one another and develop musical chemistry is very rarely seen.

The band starts with:

Jack Wycherley – Vocals
Mark Smith – Guitar/Vocals
Sam Amos – Lead Guitar
David Leighton – Bass/Vocals and Record Producer & Mix Engineer
Joe Pickett – Drums


Interview with A STORY TO TELL




Andreea: When did the band start? 

Mark/A Story To Tell: Started the band in 2008. with my girlfriend’s brother because he could sing better than anyone local that I’d heard before and I’d just started writing songs.

Andreea: Which instruments do you play?

Mark: Guitar 

Andreea:  What was the first tune(s) you learned?

Mark: Nirvana – About A Girl

Andreea: What are the five things you can’t live without?

Mark: Bacon, Greenday, Football, Chocolate, my wife

Andreea: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Mark: Be the best

Andreea: Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Mark: Billie Joe Armstrong 

Andreea: Ten years from now you will be….

Mark: Surrounded by good friends and family. Nothing else matters. 

Andreea: If I was to turn on your iPod right now, what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?

Mark: The Beatles, With confidence, Busted, The Greatest Showman soundtrack, Lower than Atlantis

Andreea: Do you ever get nervous?

Mark: Yes

Andreea: What is your favorite color of socks to wear?

Mark: Black

Andreea: What’s your favorite place to eat?

Mark: Any of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants

Andreea: Do you like dogs or cats?

Mark: Cats

Andreea: What’s your bad quality?

Mark/A Story To Tell: The bands worst critic

Andreea: What is the weirdest thing you ever did?

Mark: For instance, Jack drank our bassist’s urine, after a heavy night of drinking rum

Andreea: If you could be a billionaire for a day, what would you do?

Mark: Put on a private festival with Greenday, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney and New Found Glory all on the same lineup.



Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more surprises.



Andreea x


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