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So it’s been a super busy month, working almost every day, traveling up and down and trying to get myself on track so I can write for you guys as much as I can. I’ve been to some amazing concerts in the past weeks, but I needed to write about my experience at the BON JOVI concert. I mean BON JOVI! My idol and childhood crush since forever. I’ve been dreaming of seeing him since I was 9, but always I had something in the way so I didn’t see him until last Sunday, in Coventry, UK. And it was worth every single year, month, hour and minute!

Bon Jovi is one of the most appreciated artists that was listed so many times over the years. Though he’s now approaching 60, the New Jersey star has not lost an ounce of his appeal, boasting great energy for his entire two-hour show, after eleven years at the Ricoh Arena. His stage presence was amazing, from jumping and dancing during each and every song, to encourage all of his fans to sing, as he walked on a platform which ran from the stage through the crowd. He opened the concert with his 1986 megahit ”You Give Love A Bad Name”, and the fans went wild. The crowd was amazing and the vibe was absolutely speechless.

They ended the show with a blowing performance of their biggest alive hit ”Livin’ On A Prayer”, during which the entire stadium went crazy and I’m sure the people from Birmingham could hear us sing. 🙂

If you want to buy merch and you’re from the EU or UK, here’s the link for it: https://bonjoviukeustore.com/

As well, Bon Jovi is still on tour, and you can find tickets here: https://www.bonjovi.com/tour/ 

And, if you been to the concert you can post your pics with the #hastag #bonjoviMemories, to be on the big screen or on their website. Good luck 🙂

You can find below some amazing shots from the concert.




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