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A new week, a new interview! This time I had the privilege to meet and listen live to him play, and I thought to myself: ”I need to chat with this guy!”. And this amazing singer is called Ben Hemming. 

Ben is a London based singer-songwriter, born and raised in the rural midlands. He traveled a lot in the USA, before coming back to London. Ben Hemming’s newDead Man Blues leads off Ben Hemming’s new album The Devil Beside Me which was released on May 31st. The song has a pulsing beat which adds an additional edge to Hemming’s unsettling growl of a vocal. You can find all of his music on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.


My favorite song from Ben’s album is ”Never had a Heart”, and you can find it on youtube here: https://youtu.be/GTap_7csCEc

Also, you can find all the info, music, events or get in touch with Ben on his personal website: www.benhemming.co.uk

Let’s see what Ben had to say! 


Andreea: When and why did you start playing?

Ben: I started playing guitar when I was 15, there was very little to do in the town that I grew up in and playing guitar was a good way for me to stay out of trouble and express myself in a positive way.


Andreea: Which instruments do you play?

Ben: I mainly play guitar but I mess around with a piano sometimes. I also play Harmonica, banjo, Mandolin, Bass, anything with strings really.


Andreea: What was the first tune you learned?

Ben: Probably some old Blues scales. Blues is at the heart of all modern music and the best way to start when it comes to guitar.


Andreea: What are the five things you can’t live without?

Ben: My guitar (obviously) a Gibson J45 acoustic, my hat, my leather jacket, my MacBook Pro, and my iPhone. But really all I need is my guitar.


Andreea: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Ben: Don’t make excuses for why you can’t archive your dreams. Ultimately the only thing holding you back is yourself. When you accept that, you realize anything is possible if your willing to let go of the negative things in your life.


Andreea: Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Ben: Old blues guys mainly like Robert Johnson or Son House because back in those days being a musician was a way of life and they helped shape music as it is today.


Andreea: Ten years from now you will be….

Ben: Alive and making music. Life is full of twists and turns and you never know what’s around the corner.


Andreea: Can you remember the first time you wrote a song?

Ben: One of the first things I started doing when I was learning guitar was to write songs, I’ve never really been much of a covers guy…


Andreea: Do you ever get nervous?

Ben: If I’m unprepared or not sure what I’m doing I get nervous, that’s why practice is so important.

Andreea: What kind of things inspire you to write?

Ben: The modern condition, what it is like to be alive at this point in history, we’re living in troubled times.


Andreea: What’s your favorite place to eat?

Ben: I love Pho Ga and there a great place in west London I go to whenever I’m there.


Andreea: Do you have any pets?

Ben: Unfortunately not, I just don’t have the time to look after them.


Andreea: What’s your bad quality?

Ben: Sometimes I let parting get in the way of my music, but everyone has got to have fun sometimes right?


Andreea: How much do you practice singing/playing instruments a week?

Ben: Every day.


Andreea: What’s next?

Ben: I’m currently touring to promote my new album ‘The Devil Beside Me’ so more gigs that’s for sure!


Let’s wish Ben good luck with his new album, which I’m sure he is gone rock with!

Hope you guys enjoyed the interview and stay tuned for more amazing posts!

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