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I hope you are waiting for the Holiday as I do. As I told you guys, I have a lot of interviews coming soon in December and January. This interview is special because it is with someone that I admired and was a fan since I was little. I’m pretty sure that you watched ‘Sin senos no hay Paradiso’ (Without Breast There Is No Paradise).

It is a Columbian series produced and aired by Caracol TV. The show is based on the best-selling novel of the same name written by Gustavo Bolivar. The story is based on a young girl, Catalina, who lives in Pereira and becomes obsessed with getting breast implants in order to overcome poverty. Catalina decides to become a “prepago” (prepaid), a prostitute who has sex with drug traffickers in exchange for gifts, money, and social status. I really loved the story, because it is based on young girls’ traffic and as you know this needs to stop.

Juan is playing the brother of Catalina, Byron, a poor college boy who struggles to get rich and give a better life to his mom and sister. Unfortunately, Byron (Juan), gets involved with some drug and assassins mobsters and he gets killed by the police. I had a lot of fans asking me to start doing interviews with the cast of the series, so I picked Juan as my first one.

Besides being an amazing actor, (Without Breasts There Is No Paradise (2008), Cumbia Ninja (2013) and Heart’s Decree (2016), he is a very good singer. You can find his youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJCmZlvTMSr9vh0B-0sBzew 

If you want to drop him a message show him some love, you can find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JUANDYMUSIC


Let’s see what Juan had to say:


Andreea: When and why you started playing music?

Juan: I have been playing since forever. I have been exploring the musical theme my parents have always been interested in playing a musical instrument and that is what took me here today to be a lover of music and its genres that reach more people every day.

Andreea: What instruments you play?

Juan: I play bass guitar and drums. They are my favorite instruments.

Andreea: What’s the first tune you ever learned or played?

Juan: The first song I learned was ‘The Man who sold to the world’ from Nirvana. I was a lover of the music of Kurt Cobain and he was the one who inspired me to learn all his songs.

Andreea: What’re the 5 things you can’t live without?

Juan: I can’t live without music, without women(haha), without acting, without my family, and without my guitars.

Andreea: What’s the motto you live by?

Juan: Never stop dreaming! makes life easier for us to have goals that we need to achieve and that makes us stronger every day.

Andreea: Who is your favorite singer?

Juan: I admire Kurt Cobain, he was the creator of the grunge genre and he was one of favorite artists. He led me to love and music today.

Andreea: What do you admire in you?

Juan: I am full of happiness, gratitude, and admiration for having achieved what I set out to see myself as a great singer and actor working hard for my audience.

Andreea: First song you wrote?

Juan: I wrote my first song in 2013, and it was Miami love. A song that meant a lot to me since I dreamed of being able to make a video and I could achieve.

Andreea: Are you getting nervous on stage?

Juan: I’m, yes. I suffer from being nervous, but I have learned to control it.

Andreea: What inspired you to write songs?

Juan: My sentimental relationships inspire me. Women, the strong moments of life, the experiences that I live are embodied in my songs.

Andreea: Where is your favorite place to eat?

Juan: My favorite place to eat is ‘Silver the sea’. Everything is fresh there.

Andreea: You have any pets?

Juan: Yes, I do. I have a cat.

Andreea: Worst quality?

Juan: Hahaha…i’m impatient.

Andreea: How do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

Juan: Working and keep dreaming!


I hope you guys enjoyed the interview and stay tuned for more surprises.

Love, x


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