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Visit Cambridge

Hello folks! Hope you are enjoying this amazing sun in the UK.  Myself, I finally managed to go out after 2 months of lockdown and I made the best of it. This time I picked a town that I wanted to visit long time ago, but because of my busy schedule I didn’t had the …


Top books to read during quarantine

Hi peeps! Hope you are well and safe. I made an article recently regarding what I am doing in my own #quarantine. So, what are you going to do with all this new time and lack of outside entertainment? Well… read, of course! There are so many books out there that are hiding their stories …


Quarantine Life

#quarantinemood   It’s official: the Coronavirus pandemic has flipped our lives upside-down, with a global movement to #StayAtHome and cutting off our daily routine. Even if some people find this quarantine good, some of us are facing difficult times, by experiencing post-traumatic stress symptoms, depression, confusion and fear. Is completely understandable, as we had a …