It’s official: the Coronavirus pandemic has flipped our lives upside-down, with a global movement to #StayAtHome and cutting off our daily routine. Even if some people find this quarantine good, some of us are facing difficult times, by experiencing post-traumatic stress symptoms, depression, confusion and fear. Is completely understandable, as we had a busy social life and all of the sudden we are trapped in our houses. The most important thing is to pass your fears and control your emotions to come out of this quarantine 10 times more stronger and loved. Loved by yourself, not anybody else, cause that’s the most important.

So, as concerts are postponed (I had some amazing tickets to see some favorite artists…hate you, you virus), sporting events are canceled, university’s are closed and tourist hot spots are shut down(still going in July on my trip even if I have to swim there), I put together a list of awesome things to do and fun activities to keep you busy while you are safe home.


  1. Meditate. Try lying down with your eyes closed, palms up and while focusing on your breath. Or spend 20 minutes sitting in bed with no phone/music/tv and focus on yourself.
  2. Face masks, moisturizer, a lot of masks!!!  Treat yourself and your skin a lot. Remember you are home, so no stress, no work, no school no nothing. (for more tips, I posted some time ago my skin care routine, go and have a look http://runawaywithandreea.co.uk/2019/03/my-beauty-hacks/ ).
  3. Watch all the movies you’ve avoided until now cause you were to busy with work or different projects.
  4. Bake those goods! Wow…! I baked and cooked a lot. I love cooking and this free time I tried so many recipes.
  5. Try out at-home aerobics or yoga videos. Or dance! I dance a lot alone in the house
  6. Supercharge your CV. Add a new course that you have been doing/add more skills/ add more self-caring.
  7. Organise your photos in your phone. Make space for those 10.000 coming after the quarantine :).
  8. Go wild with an online shopping spree. Order things that can help you while you are in the house.
  9. Do absolutely nothing. Yes, you read correct. Lay in bed watch the sky and listen to music all day, one day a week.
  10.  READ. Read a lot. Is the perfect time to open those pages and get deep inside of them. WRITE as well, everything that is coming in your mind. It will help your soul. Trust me when I’m saying that every word that you put down, a new flip in your heart will breath more freely.


Hope my advice will help you and I will see you out very soon 🙂

Stay safe and sane, everyone!






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