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I’m back again with a new post that I’ve been wanted to do it for such a long time. Is about my own BUCKET LIST! Yup, that’s right. I have wanted to show you what I have in mind and where I want to go or do in this crazy life. Particularly, it’s interesting to note how different people go about creating theirs, making those in a manner that makes sense to themselves. Reading my own bucket list will help and inspire you, because we can’t really think of all the amazing things in this world to do, see, achieve and eat completely by ourselves. Therefore, seeing what I want to do, or my list might trigger you to achieve certain goals you hadn’t really thought of before.


So, let’s begging…



So…I don’t know who doesn’t want to visit ‘The Golden State’, but hell do, I want! Since I was a child, my dream was to move to America, always wanted to live in NY city but after visiting it twice, I realised that that wasn’t the city for me. I’m planning soon to go in California, and do a Road Trip Big Sur. The Big Sur coastline is California’s biggest draw card and people from all over the world come to drive this magnificent stretch of road where rugged mountains plunge into the wild Pacific ocean. From there, to go Hiking The Hollywood Sign, cause Hollywood is where dreams are made. You can’t visit the City of Angels without hiking to this Los Angeles icon. Visit the San Francisco Bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Visit the Glass Beach is famous for its dazzling sea glass rounded by the rolling waves. Created from years of dumping garbage onto the beach, mother nature turn it into beautiful crystal rocks. Visit The General Sherman In Sequoia National Park, the amazing Venice Beach, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, and my favorite, Malibu Beach. Or how rich folks called it: ‘The Boo’.


2. Take a hot AIR BALLOON ride.

There is nothing more peaceful than floating in a hot air balloon, looking down on the landscape of town or country without being immersed in all the noise and bustle.


3. Journey to the GRAND CANYON.

Big, beautiful and overwhelming. Do I need to say more?


4. Take a month-long VACATION.

Doesn’t matter where. Anywhere, as long is a month of happiness and travelling.


5. Learn how to play an instrument. PIANO for me.


6. See The PYRAMIDS In Egypt.


7. Learn To SURF.


8. Visit NIAGARA Falls.


9. Own A HORSE. (his name would be Timber-fall).


10. Be HAPPY all my life.


Well, that’s my top 10 list. What can I say is that this great, amazing, wonderful, beautiful world has so much to offer! A majority of us stay in our own little corner of it, in our same basic routine, doing nothing. Imagine, if at the end of your life you looked back and you’ve had every travel experience you wanted to have, and went every place you’ve wanted to go. How full would your heart be?

I will leave you a inspirational blog that I admire a lot to find more ideas and journeys: https://bucketlistjourney.net/my-bucket-list/


Start living, folks! 🙂


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