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Bucket List Ideas

Hello peeps! 🙂   I’m back again with a new post that I’ve been wanted to do it for such a long time. Is about my own BUCKET LIST! Yup, that’s right. I have wanted to show you what I have in mind and where I want to go or do in this crazy life. …

Brighton - Newhaven

Brighton Newhaven

Happy Sunday everybody!   Hope you are well and safe, in this beautiful day ahead of us.   Went in a bit of hiking 2 weeks ago, after staying 2 months inside my home, because of the COVID – 19. I really enjoy hiking and didin’t do it in a very long time. I used …


Visit Cambridge

Hello folks! Hope you are enjoying this amazing sun in the UK.  Myself, I finally managed to go out after 2 months of lockdown and I made the best of it. This time I picked a town that I wanted to visit long time ago, but because of my busy schedule I didn’t had the …


St Albans Story

This Saturday i was in St. Albans. St. Albans is a city in the north of London, England. Is vast centuries-old cathedral features medieval wall paintings and the Verulamium Park. The park has ornamental lakes and the remains of the city’s ancient Roman wall. Also here is the Verulamium Museum, where you can find artefacts …


A saturday night concert

Music has always been my first love. There isn’t a day that goes by without me listening to it. I attended a few concerts this year but this one i really loved. What I loved is writing this post to tell you about a couple of artists that i’ve discovered and they totally ROCK! As …


A Brighton Saturday

Some beaches are for summer & others are not. That’s what some people say. Well, my opinion is different: you don’t need 40 degrees to enjoy the salt in the sand or the windy waves. If you love the sea the sea will love you back anytime of the year. The feelings and points that …


A walk in the park

Beautiful day for a walk in the park. London has a lot of parks that are amazing. But myself, i’m in love with St Jame’s Park. Is in the middle of London, with green grass and birds flying above it.   St James’s Park is a 23-hectare park in the City of Westminster, central London. …