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Brighton - Newhaven

Brighton Newhaven

Happy Sunday everybody!   Hope you are well and safe, in this beautiful day ahead of us.   Went in a bit of hiking 2 weeks ago, after staying 2 months inside my home, because of the COVID – 19. I really enjoy hiking and didin’t do it in a very long time. I used …


Interview with Karima Francis

Hey hey, my lovely people! With one month until Christmas (who is excited?), I’ve got a lot of interviews coming up and a lot of surprises as well. This week I’m bringing you a very special one, with Karima Francis. Karima is an amazing artist, with an angel’s voice. She is an English singer-songwriter. Karima …


Interview with Kaiak

Hi folks! Hope you enjoyed your summer and getting ready for fall (i know I’m getting ready in London) . Today I have a brand new interview for you and I’m sure that you will love it. I’m pleased to do this new Q&A interview with Kaiak. Kaiak is a Folk/Indie/ Pop duo, made from …

Cool Stuff

KAIAMO Restaurant

KAIAMO is located in Bucharest on Ermil Pangratti Street, next to the Romanian Television Headquarters and near Aviatorilor Underground Station at Charles De Gaulle Square. Also, Romania’s largest park, Herãstrãu, is located just 1 minute from the restaurant. KAIAMO is something unique in Bucharest, something that you don’t see everyday. Our traditional food taken …


Darren Campbell Interview

Like I promised you a couple of weeks ago, this week is gone a very good one. Why? Because the two amazing interviews with the two great musicians are out. The first one is about a new Scottish singer/song-writer based in London. His name? Darren Campbell Pop? Indie? Folk? Rock? You name it and he …


A Brighton Saturday

Some beaches are for summer & others are not. That’s what some people say. Well, my opinion is different: you don’t need 40 degrees to enjoy the salt in the sand or the windy waves. If you love the sea the sea will love you back anytime of the year. The feelings and points that …