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Bucket List Ideas

Hello peeps! 🙂   I’m back again with a new post that I’ve been wanted to do it for such a long time. Is about my own BUCKET LIST! Yup, that’s right. I have wanted to show you what I have in mind and where I want to go or do in this crazy life. …

Brighton - Newhaven

Brighton Newhaven

Happy Sunday everybody!   Hope you are well and safe, in this beautiful day ahead of us.   Went in a bit of hiking 2 weeks ago, after staying 2 months inside my home, because of the COVID – 19. I really enjoy hiking and didin’t do it in a very long time. I used …


Visit Cambridge

Hello folks! Hope you are enjoying this amazing sun in the UK.  Myself, I finally managed to go out after 2 months of lockdown and I made the best of it. This time I picked a town that I wanted to visit long time ago, but because of my busy schedule I didn’t had the …



My trip to Southampton was a blast. I loved it so much! I can’t find even a tiny reason to say that Southampton isn’t amazing and didin’t steal my heart away. (Well, there is where the love story between Jack and Rose started, no?). Southampton is a port city on England’s south coast. It’s home …


Visit Bucharest

There are many words that can easily describe Bucharest, myself a Romanian girl, can give you a lots of beautiful words for it, but i will let you discover for yourself. As in my previous posts, i told you about Romania as well as other countries, this time i will just add some postcards from …